Imeldadidnt waste one tear onthat walk-away musician. 面对渣男渣女的适用表达。While music tore the family apart, shoes held them together. 简单词汇,表达撕裂与融合。She ran their household with an iron fist. ……的铁腕人物(说一不二)。The worst part wasthat no one in his family seemed to care. 最糟糕的是……没人在乎。Leaving the family home behind, Hebreathed the crisp airof another sunny morning in the city. 终于逃离的生动描写,呼吸新鲜空气。He couldnt help tapping out a beat on a table. 情不自禁、打节拍。And right here, in thisveryplaza, Hetook his first steps toward becomingthe most beloved singer in Mexican history. 就在这里, 迈出……的第一步。He plopped down for a shine. sit的一种生动描述,擦鞋。Miguel had seen thatspecial effectin some old film clips. 特效Hecasually plunked athis guitar strings. 随便拨弄琴弦Seize your moment. 莫失良机He glanced down the street to make surethe coast was clearof any family members. 四下张望,四下没人。How many times have we told you - that plaza is crawling with bad men!教育孩子常用句1Hebraced himself fora stern round of lecturing from the whole family. 做好……的准备。Dont give me that look, its the one night of the year when our ancestors can visit us. 别这样看着我,一年就一次的表达。She looked upwith a blank stare. 茫然。She returned to the alter and continued herlecture. "Im hard on you because I care." 说教的表达方式。教育孩子常用句2Shelet out a long sighwhen she realized that hed slipped out. 长叹一口气 的表达。What are we going to do with that boy.教育孩子常用句3The rest of the world may follow the rules, but I must follow my heart. 额,情话。Never underestimate the power ofmusic. 不要低估……的力量。(Never underestimate the heart of a champion. 火箭主帅汤姆贾诺维奇的名言)When yousee your moment,you mustnt let it pass youby. 看到机会,不能错过(机会)It was up to me to reach for that dream, grab it tight, and make it come true. 美味鸡汤。I had to have faith in my dream. 美味鸡汤2.Hereached into his pocketandpulled outthe talent-show flyer. 摸进口袋,拿出……的表达。Toddlersscatteredmarigold petalsalong the ground.把XX撒得满地都是的表达。Butwhat ifIm no good at making shoes. 假如……会怎样?Miguel watched in horror as the frametoppled overand hit the floor with a sickening crack. 倒下来Miguel whipped off his shoemakersapronandstruck a pose."apron"有围裙之意,也有停机坪的意思。 摆个POSE~~Her eyesdarted fromthe guitartothe albums. 目光从A扫到BHe lifted his guitar and prepared to strum. 抱起吉他准备演奏的描述。Her brow hardened. 她的沉下脸来。Mama Miguels dad said just as Abuelitasmashedthe guitaragainst the ground.话音刚落的表达;砸到地上的表达;Miguel couldnt move- he felt like someone had smashed him to pieces. 生动的场景描写和比喻。Hebolted out ofthe courtyard, alone. 冲出的表达;另外bolt out of the blue 还有晴天霹雳、意外的事的意思;The Tangshan earthquake was absolutely like a bolt out of the blue.sign up for the talent show. 报名At that moment, fireworks exploded overhead, illuminating the statue. 生动的描写。The cemeterywas covered in a sea ofcandles and flowers. 多的描写The dog bounded after it.(扔给狗一个飞盘),狗跳起来去接的描述。Timing it withthe booming fireworks, Miguel slammed his shoulder against a pane of glass, and opened the window. 趁着……的时候Now hewasface to face withthe very instrument his father had strummed. 和……面对面Unbeknownst to him, some marigold petals in the mausoleum began to sparkle. 他没察觉到、他不知道的是……If its all right with you, Im gonnaplay in the plaza. 如果你同意,我将……Holding Ernestos guitar filled Miguel with confidence.挺好的表达:Doing sth filled sb with confidence.More people passed through him as if he were made of air. 就像自己是空气,适用一些尴尬的场合的描写Somehowhe could see walking skeletons! 怎么能…I have a feeling thishas something to do withyou. 这事和你有关With each step he took, the marigold petals glowed beneath his feet. 每走一步……Miguel pulled up his hoodto hide the fact that…… 带上(卫衣后的帽子)……来掩饰He reached the bridge at a sprint. 一个箭步冲到……Heflipped throughthe book. 草草翻阅He sheepishlypulledthe black-and-white photofrom his pocket.从兜里取出的表达Miguel paled and began to faint. 面色苍白、晕倒Technically she can add any conditions she wants. 想加什么条件都行。Miguelnarrowed his eyes ather. 眯起眼盯着……None of themdared to crossher. 没人敢违抗……Be reasonable. 讲点理吧I need tovisit the restroom. Be right back. 着急方便的表达He and I go way back. 好哥们。They were stuck in arevolving door.旋转门Dont yank my chain.别忽悠我的一种表达;yank sb to somewhere.Need your eyes.你看!You cant rush off on me.不能丢下我If youre such good friends,how comehe didnt invite you? 为什么,怎么会I dont know if hesin the mood forvisitors. 有兴致做……You want it, you got to earn it.想获得就需要付出得不错的表达When thers no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from this world. We call it the final death.唉Belt it out! 喊出来The scuffle between the boy and the small dogdrew the eyes ofthe crowd. 吸引眼球~When we had Coco, suddenlythere was sth in my life that mattered more thanmusic.I wanted toput down roots. 想安定下来His soul poured into each chord and lyric. 倾注灵魂You are all anyone has beentalkingabout. 注意时态Miguelcouldnt tear his eyes awaywhen one of his favorite films came on. 无法移开视线I would move heaven and earth for you.赴汤蹈火I could not have done it differently, One cannot deny who one is meant to be.另一种鸡汤。meant to be 命中注定Never were truer words spoken.你说得太对了。This calls for a toast!为这个干一杯!Visions of Ernestos betrayalflashed before Hector like old film clips on a continuous loop.一幕幕像电影片段浮现在眼前——经典表达He felt a lump in his throat. 哽咽Success doesnt come for free.鸡汤A chill ran through him. 打了个冷颤Hectorperked upand followed Miguels grito. 振作Behind him were two morefigurespeeking down at them. figure 人影The family joined together in a huddle. 围成一个圈The twosmiled at each other.相视而笑The audiencehushedas they watched the drama unfold. 安静的另一种表达。Hectorstruggled to his feet.挣扎着站起来She looked to the horizon, wherethe first rays of sunlight peeked over.描写日出Mama Cocostared into space, her eyes completely vacant.呆呆的神情、目光的表达。Miguel looked down, defeated. Tears dripped off his nose.伤心失望流泪的描写Papas angergave way torelief. 转为 (消气了的一种表达)She had waited a long time to hear those words. 等了太久A smile spread acrossMama Cocosface.大大的微笑的描写(生动的描写)He knew thatevery moment together was a miracle.相聚就是奇迹。

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